Holistic massage therapy focuses on the whole person’s body, mind and soul to help ease physical, mental and emotional stress. This massage therapy takes the whole person rather than specific area of the body. The purpose of this therapeutic massage treatment is to fully relax the body, relieve tired and aching muscles, improve muscle tone, increase blood and lymph circulation thereby speeds elimination of toxins as well as reduce swelling in the body. Hence, establishing balance to the body and mind. This is achieved through the use of combination of all massage techniques so each flow into a truly holistic massage. With the therapist’s magic touch during massage treatment, inner peace and energy is restored.

Psychological benefits of holistic massage therapy includes soothing, comforting, stimulation of body system, emotional growth, and significant reduction in mental stress, thereby providing the feelings of wellbeing. Holistic massage therapy is safe and natural therapy treatment suitable for adults and infants. It’s often recommended for those who seek complementary and alternative medicine to their physical and mental wellbeing.
For best result, it is recommended to get 4 sessions of holistic massage therapy and each session usually last 60 to 90 minutes with a space of one week depending on service provider.

What to expect before massage treatment
Your therapist will welcome you to an ambiance of zen, warm room. The he/she will begin a full detailed consultation so as to be aware of your health issues and stress level. If there are no contra-indications which may restrict carrying out the treatment, you will then be given privacy to undress and change into robe or spa wrap. Your therapist will assist you in getting onto the treatment bed. Your modesty will be protected throughout the treatment and only uncover the area therapist want to work on.
During massage treatment:
This massage therapy uses light to medium pressure with blend of Swedish massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Meditation, Ayurveda and Aromatherapy; to bring balance and harmony to the whole body, mind and spirit. The therapist will apply combination of heated oil and aromatic essential oils to perform all massage movements from head to toes. This will help awake all sensory and spirit as well as relieve stress. Because every person is different and unique, massage therapist pay attention to each individual needs and he/ she will regularly check pressure tolerance. Be aware that holistic massage therapy treatment includes abdominal, scalp, neck, chest, head, face, feet, hands, legs, arms, back and front of body.
After massage treatment:
At the end of the massage session, you might feel tired, sleepy and thirsty. Your therapist will offer you water and give you time to dress. You will be given special aftercare and homecare advice. It is important to follow these advice in order to reap the benefits of holistic massage therapy.
Some of the immediate aftercare advice but not limited to these list – (1) Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins broken down during massage. (2) Avoid driving long distance. (3) Avoid alcohol or caffeine. (4) Avoid heavy meal. (5) Get plenty of rest. (6) Avoid strenuous exercise.
Occasionally you may experience reactions to having massage treatment when your body begins to enter the phase of self healing process – this is called healing crisis. The body display illness-like symptoms whereas it is actually healing and repairing itself naturally. Note that this phase is temporary and should wear off after 24 – 48 hours after massage. Some of the symptoms includes: sleepiness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, increase perspiration, change in body temperature, increase defecation, increase urination, thirsty, muscle pain or soreness, and sometimes increase emotions
Your therapist will also give you a list of homecare advice to help you gain maximum benefits from the treatment and he/she will book next appointment for you.
Aftercare Advice
  • Increase the amount of water intake
  • Take time to rest to your body
  • Avoid excessive or strenuous exercise
  • Avoid heat treatments (like sunbed, sauna, hot baths) for 24 hours.
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Reduce caffeine drink intake
  • Avoid smoking
  • Don’t eat heavy meal to avoid nausea
  • Add fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Have a Epsom salt bath to relieve sore muscle
  • Drink herbal tea to help flush away toxins.